External Risk Calculator

In the field of flight safety and risk analysis GfL offers an approved and validated calculation methodology to determine the external risk. This calculation method is used to evaluate the environmental sustainability, the land use planning and the approvability of construction projects by approval authorities domestically and abroad. Therefore GfL developed a clear, easy to use software solution, the External Risk Calculator, which in its current version 2.0 enables calculations for both aeroplanes and helicopters.

The following functionalities are implemented:

Data entry functions:

  • Complete implementation of data entry systems (DES)
  • Import of topographical and demographical data
  • Implementation of installations relevant to incidents according to SEVESO III
  • Estimation of local accident risks (AR) using a self-developed estimation method

Calculation algorithm:

Calculation of the individual and group risk using the latest research results in the AR, AL and AC submodels, separately for aeroplanes and helicopters

Output functionalities:

  • Map view offering the following layers:
  • Map background
  • Individual risk as contour or plane view
  • Topography and demography
  • Route structure
  • Airport perimeter fence
  • Hazardous installations
  • Group risk diagrams in terms of population and employment
  • Number of affected residents and size of the affected area

In addition extensive export functions to standard applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) are available.


The External Risk Calculator offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Independent integration of all required input data (including accident risk based on an estimation tool)
  • Extensive, very flexible graphical output function
  • Extensive help function
  • Export functionalities of the results to standard applications


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