Glare Analyses

As part of an operational risk analysis, GfL offers the investigation of possible glare to aircraft pilots during approach and departure due to photovoltaic systems (PV modules) near the airport.

The risk analysis comprises the reflection calculation with the help of the so-called backward raytracing method, i.e. the calculation of the backward beam path from the observer's eye (immission point) to the apparent position of the sun without scattered light (so-called direct) as well as with scattered light (so-called scatter). The result of this calculation is the critical solar vectors on the PV modules.

With the help of the software GlareTech developed by GfL, the probability of glare caused by reflected sunlight can be calculated and then the extent of damage can be qualitatively determined. The assessment of the glare risk is carried out to the risk classification according to ICAO PANS-ADR. As a result of this classification, it must be deduced in accordance with the ALARP principle whether risk mitigation measures are necessary to ensure safe flight operations.