Safety Management System (SMS) for Airports

Since 2005 all stakeholders in aviation shall implement a safety management system as stated in ADR.OR.D.005, Regulation (EU) 139/2014. For this purpose, the Safety Management System (SMS) Tool for Airports was developed by GfL.

The SMS Tool provides all functions required by the regulatory authorities, but also adds multiple additional features. The functionalities include:

  • reporting system with custom interactive forms to be used by all airport employees to report incidents to safety management
  • audit support: scheduling calendar, planning interface for processes to be audited, thematic question catalogues
  • creation of audit, investigation, and incident reports by safety management
  • visually appealing statistics: monthly/yearly Airport Safety Reports showingincidents by cause, severity, type, reporting department, presentation on airport diagram; comparison with historical data and ACI benchmark
  • editable airport Safety Manual, including safety management and process approval management, scheduling and protocolling of Safety Committee meetings
  • sophisticated file and document archive with permission & revision management
  • lifetime license with unlimited number of users, multiple language support


Technical requirements

  • Web-based (PHP) browser application that is installed on a web server in the intranet or a defined network area of the client
  • Mobile device support
  • No additional license costs: The software is based on open source technologies (Apache etc.), which are free of charge
  • Client Requirements: The user only needs a web browser (incl. Javascript) to use the software


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