GfL prepares further Aeronautical Study for Eurocopter

October 2013 | Safety Assessment

In February 2012, GfL (see here) completed the safety analysis with regard to given injuries of the Visual Segment Surface (VSS) as part of the IFR approach procedure protection area at the Donauwörth (DON) helicopter special landing pad (HSLP) as part of an aeronautical study. The VSS determined according to ICAO Doc. 8168 PANS-OPS is then clearly penetrated. DFS had opened up the option of having an aeronautical study demonstrate that safe flight operations can be made possible by suitable compensation measures despite the violation of the shelter. This objective was achieved in spring 2012 when the BAF published the approach procedure for a slightly elevated OCH at HSLP DON.

Due to the flight tests carried out and the high approach accuracy determined, GfL was commissioned to carry out a further aeronautical study with the aim of lowering the OCA/H by 80 ft. The aim of the study is to prove that, despite the obstacle situation, safe flight operations are possible at the HSLP DON when the OCA/H is lowered. Further flight tests will also be carried out for this purpose.