German Airports become EASA certified

January 2018 | Certification

By decree of Regulation No 139/2014 based on Regulation No 216/2008 common standards for planning, operation and preservation of safe aerodromes are stipulated. By 31st December 2017, all member states and in particular Germany had to implement these standards, especially concerning the guidelines issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). By now, the German Airports Association (ADV) announced that all German airports received their EASA certificate in due time (see here). 
We are very pleased to see our customers having been certified. GfL supported this partially quite complex certification procedures for various airports by e.g., conducting (equivalent level of) safety (ELOS) assessments to prove compliance for given infrastructural local specifics or the development of individual software solutions (e.g., our HTML SMS Tool, see here and Airport Conformance Monitor (see here). These supportive activities were partly carried out with GfL’s specialists on site over several years. As airports now have to monitor their compliance regularly, we stand to our customers and keep on assisting. Find out more about our relevant services! You may download our EASA flyer from the flyers area!


Legal basis of the EASA airport certification (© EASA)
Legal basis of the EASA airport certification (© EASA)