New article about our in-house fuel and emission calculation software ETAS published in “Ingenieurspiegel”

March 2018 | Software

GfL’s in-house developed software ETAS (Enhanced Trajectory Analysis System) allows the precise calculation of fuel consumption for jet and turboprop aircraft as well as pollutant emissions (e.g. COX, NOX, soot etc.) based on available aircraft trajectories, such as radar data. The software’s innovative character and its successful operational launch at German ANSP Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH encouraged us to present the software’s functioning, application and planned development to a professional readership within this year’s aviation edition of the journal “Ingenieurspiegel”. The article being released under the heading “Introduction of a calculation software at Deutsche Flugsicherung for monitoring of aviation’s fuel consumption and emissions to assess flight procedures” is available in German here). 
For further information concerning the software, do not hesitate to contact us!