Research project "ProfiFuel" with JEPPESEN and TU Dresden extended by one year

April 2020 | Environment

The research project ProfiFuel carried out as part of the Aviation Research Programme (LuFo) V, consisting of the Jeppesen, GfL and TU Dresden consortium, has now been extended for one year. The aim of the research project is the development of an innovative flight planning software (so-called enhancedEFB) as well as the implementation of fuel consumption analyses using our ETAS software. In November 2019, the project was part of the test flights conducted by the aircraft manufacturer Boeing as part of the so-called ecoDemonstrator Program. Here a specially developed algorithm for trajectory optimization was tested for the first time on board a B777-200.

Within the scope of the extension, the evaluation and calibration of the developed enhancedEFB will be performed in unique quality using the flight data available from the flight tests with the Boeing EcoDemonstrator. In addition, the experience gained from the flight tests will be transferred into a verified and validated operating and display concept. The A320 Research Simulator of TU Dresden will be used in parallel for these human-in-the-loop experiments. GfL will actively support these experiments.

Principle enhancedEFB (© GfL mbH)
Principle enhancedEFB (© GfL mbH)