Risk analysis for the helipad at the University Hospital Zurich confirmed by the authorities

August 2022 | Safety Assessment

Until the summer of this year, the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) had two helipads whose structural design did not comply with the requirements of EASA/ICAO guidelines nor with the Swiss guidelines on hospital landing areas issued by the FOCA. In combination with the fact that the USZ is formally an operation according to the Swiss Major Accidents Ordinance (StFV), this condition was no longer considered tolerable by the responsible Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air of the Canton of Zurich (AWEL) and GfL was commissioned by the USZ to perform an extended risk analysis, which also takes into account secondary effects of a possible helicopter crash according to StFV.  This risk analysis was now confirmed by the AWEL and classified as complete, comprehensible, plausible and following the specifications of the ICAO. The helipad, which has been upgraded in accordance with the results of the risk analysis, has been in full operational use since October of last year.