Research Paper „Fuel and Energy Benchmark Analysis of Continuous Descent Operations” receives Best Paper in Seminar Award at ATM Seminar 2015

June 2015 | Conference

Our authors Fricke, Seiß and Herrmann, in cooperation with TU Dresden, successfully applied for the Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar 2015 which was held by FAA and EUROCONTROL in Lisbon. This month the paper (see Downloads) was presented to the worldwide leaders in the field of ATM research. The work, which is based on our Enhanced Jet Performance Models (EJPM), received the Kevin Corker Award for the Best Paper in Seminar thus leaving behind all 150 submitted papers. The ATM Seminar takes place every second year at alternating locations in Europe and in the U.S. It is known as the most important conference in the field of ATM research. The preceding award was granted to NASA’s Ames Research Center in 2013.

This award is a huge honour for our company as well as TU Dresden as it is a proof of quality for our works on a worldwide scale. We like to offer this level of quality to each of our customers.