Development of innovative flight planning software for commercial airliners – research project „ProfiFuel“ funded by BMWI launched with project partners JEPPESEN and TU Dresden

January 2017 | Software

Within the scope of the federal aviation research program (LuFo) the consortium lead by JEPPESEN has been awarded the contract to research and develop new flight planning solutions for on-board supporting systems (Electronic Flight Bag, EFB). With ProfiFuel, GfL aims at specifically refining its software products for on-board application, being already successfully introduced to the market. Along ProfiFuel we will develop special avionic tools allowing real-time displaying of environmental and economical flight trajectories especially for airlines resp. cockpit crews in order to support decision making. JEPPESEN is market leader for EFB systems and TU Dresden has been developing multi-criteria optimization software for flight planning purposes for years. ProfiFuel will run for three years – we keep you informed!