City of Freiburg im Breisgau publishes GfL’s report concerning the investigation of External Risks for visitors of the new SC stadium during football matches

June 2017 | Safety Assessment

The city of Freiburg im Breisgau seeks for a planning commitment to build a new football arena of SC Freiburg within close proximity to Freiburg airport. In the course of previous analyses the current investigation should clarify the compatibility of flight operations at the airport with the present stadium planning. The aim was to examine possible hazards and damages to uninvolved third parties induced by flight operations (e. g. in the event of an aircraft accident in direct vicinity to the future stadium), the so called External Risk (see further information concerning the methodology). In this context individual and group risks were calculated by applying different scenarios regarding everyday stadium operations, third-party events as well as the periods before, after and during a football match. The final risk assessment compared the individual risks to a generally accepted target level of safety and the group risks to specific boundary curves. As a result different risk mitigation measures were derived including the allocation of flight movements resp. suspension of flight operations.