Capacity and Ground Handling analysis for Leipzig/Halle Airport

January 2019 | Airport Planning

At Leipzig/Halle Airport, DHL's freight and in particular express freight business continues to grow. The tactical and strategic intention of the airport company is not to restrict DHL's growth trend at Leipzig/Halle, but to promote it.

On the basis of the planned expansion of the taxiway system and the apron areas, the required stand space for DHL and the total stand space requirement for the current and forecast demand situation will be determined using an analytical approach. In addition, a location analysis will examine where further handling capacity could be planned with regard to optimised handling processes, also taking into account other freight service provider at Leipzig/Halle Airport. In a second step the long-term need for stand space at Leipzig/Halle Airport will be determined with a fast-time simulation by using the capacity of the independent RWY system.


Apron Leipzig/Halle Airport (© Flughafen Leipzig/Halle)
Apron Leipzig/Halle Airport (© Flughafen Leipzig/Halle)