Saarbrücken Airport receives training concept for rescue and fire fighting services

June 2020 | Certification

For the personnel of rescue and fire-fighting services (RFFS), the aerodrome operator has to provide a specific training and proficiency check programme according to EU/EASA regulations (mainly ADR.OR.D.017 and ADR.OPS.B.010, see news). Within this framework, the operator of Saarbrücken Airport has now been handed over an EASA-compliant training concept which serves as an implementation basis for adapting and expanding existing training procedures. In particular, the local boundary conditions (existing operational RFFS concepts, personnel structure, areas of responsibility, etc.) as well as fire RFFS-specific laws and guidelines (e.g. so-called Feuerwehr-Dienstvorschriften, FwDV) were taken into account. The main focus here was on central, software-supported documentation and the uniform implementation of proficiency checks.

You can find further information in our flyer in the download area.

RFFS operations at Saarbrücken Airport (© Breaking News Saarland)
RFFS operations at Saarbrücken Airport (© Breaking News Saarland)