ETAS celebrates 5 years of operations at DFS / Preparing for SES RP4 deployment

August 2021 | Software

Since 2016, our ETAS software has been in use at DFS - Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Traffic Control) for the permanent evaluation of the ecological performance of all flights conducted by the airline group "AG Optimiertes Fliegen" (AG Optimized Flying) over German airspace. Recently, the maintenance contracts were extended by DFS. We are now working on a data interface that will allow ETAS to be connected to the traffic forecasting tool NEST provided by EUROCONTROL. The aim is to enhance traffic forecasts published twice a year by EUROCONTROL STATFOR with associated emission data, thus enabling on the one hand an improved management of traffic under environmental aspects by the ANSPs of Europe and on the other hand an improved performance assessment in the next reporting period RP4 of the SES Performance Scheme per country, ANSP or Functional Airspace Block (FAB). For this purpose, we will be present with a technical paper at the InterFAB Research Workshop on "Climate change and the role of air traffic control" in September 2021 in Vilnius (@LinkedIn) and discuss the solution with the European air navigation service providers. The paper will be available for download here from October.