Flight data analysis within Horizon 2020 project "Vulnerability of Manned Aircraft to Drone Strikes"

September 2021 | Performance Analyses

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is currently developing certification specifications and safety standards for civil drones. As part of a Horizon 2020 project, it is now to be examined in detail what effects are to be expected in the collision between mass-market drones and manned civil aircraft. Subsequently, concrete design criteria for drones are to be derived from this.

As a subcontractor of the British defence and research company QinetiQ, we have been commissioned with the statistical analysis of flight path data (ADS-B and FANOMOS) in order to obtain, for example, precise information on the flight speeds of specific aircraft classes (aircraft and helicopters) depending on prevailing weather conditions. Results were delivered to the client by August 2020. Meanwhile, EASA has published the report.