GfL hands over assessment on noise effects of take-off procedures

June 2022 | Environment

On behalf of the non-profit Umwelthaus GmbH, GfL carried out the preliminary work for the investigation of the departure procedures NADP1 and NADP2 at Frankfurt/Main Airport. 

The investigations were carried out according to the Common Noise Assessment Methods (CNOSSOS-EU). They represent a Europe-wide standardised method for the assessment of ambient noise, i.e. noise effects of the noise sources road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic and industry. 

For this purpose, climb profiles were first determined for six exemplary aircraft types according to the flight performance calculation method published in ECAC Doc 29, Annex B. These were then converted into AzB-compliant fixed point profiles. By determining AzB fixed point profiles, it was possible to evaluate the influence of specific flight operational parameters with regard to the resulting aircraft noise. 

Within the framework of further sensitivity analyses, the effects of parameter changes (e.g. speed limits on departure routes) on aircraft noise were therefore finally investigated. The sensitivity analyses showed that with the help of individual fixed point profiles based on flight performance calculations according to ECAC Doc 29, a large number of specific aircraft noise analyses can be successfully carried out.