Obstacle investigation of a planned wind park near a commercial airport incl. instrument flight rules (IFR)

December 2023 | Safety Assessment

A wind park with several wind turbines is currently being planned near a commercial airport in Germany. GfL was commissioned to conduct an obstacle investigation with regard to the penetration of all relevant protected areas in order to assess the compliance of the planned turbines with regulations.

Initially, the regulations concerning visual flight rules, in particular the distances to the aerodrome traffic circuit according to NfL I 37/00 and NfL I 92/13, as well as the distances to visual flight procedures according to NfL 1-847-16 were analysed. Subsequently, an analysis of the regulations resulting from traffic under instrument flight rules (IFR) was carried out, namely the construction restriction zone in accordance with § 12 of the German Air Traffic Act (LuftVG) and the obstacle limitation areas in accordance with EASA CS-ADR-DSN. Finally, the protection areas of all implemented approach and departure procedures (RNAV/RNP, ILS and conventional procedures) were designed in accordance with ICAO PANS-OPS and the compliance of the proposed construction heights of the wind turbines with the height restrictions resulting from the corresponding obstacle clearance altitudes (OCA/OCH) was analysed.

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Wind turbines inside the protected area of a missed approach segment (symbolic image)
Wind turbines inside the protected area of a missed approach segment (symbolic image)